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hey. I have played around with renoise-3b now every day since it was released and I am really happy with the new functionalities. I also accept, that you had to increase interface complexity for that. But now after 2 weeks of screwing around with the new sampler engine I’d like to suggest thinking about the way the interface changed.

This christmas I went to visit my parents, new Renoise on my laptop. It was lovely. Best christmas present. Played with my new toy, dad (73) gets interested. ‘what are you doing?’ ‘it’s a software for composing music. you select instruments and enter notes. looks like excel but is easier to learn and doesn’t crash.’ ‘really? show me!’ so I taught him renoise in about an hour. but it was 2.8. Didn’t dare to show him the 3 beta, because explaining the placement of those several viewports would have been super confusing

Maybe it is just me. I bought renoise ten years ago and have so completely grown to it, that I just have a hard time to adjust. But especially the sampler window with its different views sliding feels uncomfortable. Like a tablet app crashing the party. Besides wasting space with the bars of unselected options it would be much nicer sticking a little more to the former tab concept.

I don’t know if that made any sense, but I made a photoshop of what I mean

the saved space would also excuse the redundancy of buttons below for shorter mouseways.

Second idea, I don’t know if I should waste another thread for that, but PLEEEASE
add a button to switch min and max values to all those doofers, hydras and the lot!! I so often want to have just a quick invert out of curiosity

+1 to quick invert, that would be uber convenient

This is the nicest/cleanest solution for the Sampler tabs I have seen yet! I would definitely prefer that to the vertical sections that are always there, doing nothing but taking away space.

Also, these tabs would be in the same order as the shortcuts to show them!

Definately smarter way than it’s now!
I would also suggest to move “Samples” section of sampler near Instruments, so it will be always presented on screen, it’s equally important as having instruments and browser all the time.
Well and same goes to the main section of importing VSTi, it’s extra-important to have an ability to import VSTi all the time without switching some tabs.

Someone else proposed the same thing , anyway

NOw we need to draw all attention/activity on this forum to this thread

I don’t have the feeling that devs, alpha testers, and moderators have deserted forums these days ; so drawing all the attention activity to this thread is probably not necessary ; moderators often answer in each section of the forums ; and don’t answering does’t prove they’re not reading ; some of them are alpha testers ; taktik himself declared lately to read the forums ; so you have 99% of chances that this thread will be noticed. if forum users are really interested by our interesting ideas they will naturally +1 and participate. The only way to lower the chances for it to be noticed correctly would be to spread the same mockups and ideas in 150 similar threads.


Much nicer

+1 for the sampler tabs. Looks so SO much better and cleaner.

I am lost!
Despite very few posts here om the forum I have worked with Renoise for may years now. I have grown accustomed to the old layout. Yet, not to the extent that I’m not willing to upgrade or fix things. I understand that Renoise has to develop to survive, but complicating things just compicates things. I just re-upped my licence (2.8.0), but I am not sure if I would today.

What I dont understan is why it has to be COMPLETELY rearranged. I mean, some of these changes are just silly. Why(!!) is it necessary to change icons on buttons? Change locations of tools? The worst one for me is the separation of sampler and envelope-tools. These should be visable and available simultaneously. I use them togeather all the time. That just got worse! NOT better. Another headache is the location and functionality of VSTi’s. It makes no sense to me to put them anywhere else than… wait for it… in the browser. Sigh… And again the evelope editor should be visable. I know I can open a VSTi and then access the envelope view, but those extra navigation-clicks are just irritating.

Let say I’m working on a melody in regular pattern view and I want to change the preset on a VSTi. In 2.8.1 I can easily locate, open and browse presets without leaving the pattern view. I know I can detach the instrument view, but this just makes it more confusing.

What was so wrong with the tabs??

@jester …Wait until you notice the other half backed stuff …

Very true indeed.
The placement of some buttons are so spread out it’s not even funny. Just a simple volume change in a VSTi is a bother now.

@gentleclockdivider: Huh??