Interlockable Left/Right-Slide Controllers

Not sure if this has been brought up before, but it has been bugging me for a long while now so…

Whenever there are a left and a right slide I’d like to be able to lock the two slides together so whenever I move one the other one moves with it.

Example: In the native delay-dsp. Let’s say I have the right feedback at 50% and the left at 20% and I want to increase them both by 30% then I can just move the right up to 80% and the left one moves to 50% at the same time. Instead of fiddling with one and then the other.

Kinda like in Photoshop where you can select Constrain Proportions when you resize an image size.


Why would I want to add another DSP when this could be done with one click and both slides would be locked together? This feature shouldn’t be hard to add, I think. AND I’m actually alittle surprised that this little thing wasn’t added from the beginning, but I guess that’s just me.

I’m surprized folks are picky on using features that can actually accomplish the desired effect but won’t use them because it means adding another control-block into the chain, but i guess that’s just me.

Yes all these kind of tweaks and additions are usually very personal and at most a welcome addition to others so if it wasn’t implemented from the beginning, there was no generic desire for it.

But fear not, 2.6 is coming on the rescue… I do not intend to slander this idea, but I simply consider scripting should have been around a lot earlier to quench all these kind personal desires.

I think it would be hard to implement a button to lock the sliders together to work how you want and be intuitive. Usually it would lock the values together, so that left and right are the same. You want them to have a steady offset, which would confuse people thinking it would work like most stereo link buttons. Hydra also adds a lot more power as you can have offset between values and different scaling if you like. Is it really that much of a headache for you to add another device to increase the functionality a hundred fold over a simple button?

No, not really. However, I was going for simplicity and userfriendliness and I thought it would be a neat idea to able to lock a L and a R slide together (at either same or different value) right in the DSP-window. Since the Groove-function can change 4 slides with a mouseclick at the same time I didn’t think making two stick togehter would be any probs. But if there wasn’t, or ain’t, any generic desire for it, then I’ll live with fiddling around.

No further questions, your honor. ;)

i must say i can relate to this feature. especially the delay-effect works very different from what i’m used to, because the two sliders cannot move at the same time for the same amount… or i might be overlooking some button.

funny thing is, i came here to post the same kind of request, but with relation to the mixer. i’d like to be able to select (Ctrl+click) multiple mixer-channel sliders and move them exactly the same amount in one stroke. of course i can look at the numbers underneath the sliders and this will work, but i think this suggestion is pretty easy to implement as well as very convenient for mixing a track.

again, if this exists, i haven’t found it yet.


Yes, that feature would be nice, in fact, I think I’d prefer mouse+key-click before my suggestion. Thanks Rhowaldt for the idea!

+1 on this.