Intermediate-advanced tutorial videos

Anyone have recommendations for intermediate/advanced tutorial videos on youtube? There seem to be a ton of beginner tutorials, but not many aimed at more intermediate/advanced topics.

[s]Hm, some ideas, but don’t know what level they are (Once you know how it works most things are easy):

  • How to use the Meta-Devices?

  • How to automate VSTs (seems to me this is asked frequently)

  • Common DSP chain stuff, like how sidechaining can be done, or LFO->Hydra->various DSPs.

  • Explaining the variety of volume related controls (track headroom, pre- & postfader, gainer device, auto-gain, instrument settings volume, VST volume)

Uhm, I got you completely wrong. I thought you need ideas for making tutorials. ;)

Not video tutorials but Cas has a couple of interesting looking ones to work through on his site. Not actually gone through the process myself but had a read and seems good for learning a little more than the normal, basic use of Renoise. Although maybe more towards using Renoise for sound synthesis than covering the more advanced features for the sake of learning the features they might still be worth checking out.

(Sorry to steal your thunder Cas)