Internal Internet Links Not Working ?


When I click on the links within Renoise e.g. or tutorials, nothing happens !

Any ideas ?

Which links on which pages (there are more pages with links to tutorials or
Which browser do you use?

Latest Firefox (3.0.1).

I mean ANY link to external Renoise resource from within the program itself e.g Help - Visit or Visit The Community Forum.

Click on it and nothing happens …

But can obviously open these links via Firefox itself, just not from within the program.

Weird …

i remember that actually being an issue with firefox changing some stuff around. i believe this has been updated in renoise, cuz i’m pretty sure i read the bug report. just the update isn’t quite available yet.

Owh that,
This problem will for sure be gone in Renoise 2.0, though it wasn’t a bug on Renoise its side but is a bug in Firefox 3.x. There are a lot more application where such options don’t work when Firefox is your main browser.

OK - thanks.

Still love Firefox though ;)