Internal Sampling

If getting renoise to record from the outside world is hard, is it easier to have it record it’s own master output into the sample editor?

For example, I have the plugin GRM Tools Freeze, which outputs new sounds which “Apply Track FX” doesn’t capture (it blanks the sample instead). It would be nice to have the sound the effect is generating copied into the sample editor with a record and stop button. And imagine the possibilities of being able to capture a live performance of a VST such as Z3ta+ into the sample editor…

Just a thought. I know there are a thousand other things to do first. :)


No I didn’t - thank you for telling me! Just right-clicked on a selection and found it…woohoo!

The sheer power of this…for multisampling alone this is awesome, let alone the resampling implications. Wow. :)

So if you use a VST that does live recording, you select the complete track to using this VSTi, for sampling this track(selection) to a slot and then while doing this, you record your stuff, this works? :huh:

I’m just curious, since it might be a good tutorial topic to add to the contribution pages…