Interpolated delay time on one of the delays

I’d really like to be able to get that sort of “zipper” effect I often get from delays on, say, Korg devices etc natively in Renoise…

What do you mean with zipper effect, something like dfx buffer override vst? In Renoise you have the repeater or deprecated stutter device for this kind of effect.

“Zipper” was perhaps a bad choice in words. I’ll make a quick sound clip of what I mean.

Just 4 snares hits with a high feedback delay (using mda dubdelay). Automated delay time. I realize that I could, in fact, just do this with said mda plugin, but it’d be nice to have a native solution.

yes, I’d just use the low cpu mda dubdelay for that kind of sound, but maybe hooking up a hydra to Renoises native delay device you can control the left & right delay & feedback values at the same time, creating similar pitchy sound?


Just played around with Renoises chorus device, upping the feedback & playing with the delay setting gives pretty good imitation to what you want.

Word! I totally forgot that I used to use that. Thanks for reminding me of the fact that Chorus did this :)