Interrailing And Other Kinda Trips

Anyone ever been to one of them interrail trips or any longer trip across different countries? Anyone been on the road just by yourself? Share your experiences!

I’ve been on one longer road trip with my family across Europe years ago, but normally I’ve only been to single countries and it’s been a long, long while since been further away from Finland than Sweden or Norway. Now I’m planning a longer trip across Europe next summer. Any renoisers I should meet on my journey? I’m most likely going all by myself, so no need to worry about several funkateers.

I haven’t decided which countries I’ll be visiting and I will most likely do the final decisions when I’m on the tracks. My actions mostly depend on the people who might be able and willing to meet me and maybe even accommodate me for a night or few. Anyone interested in case the timing is right? Give me a shout! I can’t give any exact dates of my trip yet and the whole trip kinda depends entirely on what will happen in my life next January.

I did all my touring by train. Bought an international railpass (EU only) and allowed me to travel on any train, at any time, at any place within the EU for a whole month! Fooking killer, as it costs approx 200 euros.

So yeah, if you visit Rotterdam (DON’T GO TO AMSTERDAM, IT IS OVERRATED) drop me a line and you’ll have a place to stay :)

i went interrailing around europe for a month with my girlfriend a while back. it was pretty cool. we went to:

mostly it was great, especially hamburg where we stayed with a guy i knew who showed us all the cool places we probably wouldn’t have found otherwise, like the golden pudel. hamburg is amazing. paris, bern, vienna and prague were also particularly cool. i was ill in berlin so i didn’t see any of it, would love to go back sometime.

the only tricky part was katowice, poland where the train system confounded us and they wouldn’t let us board the train to prague which was sat on the platform… then it rolled away and we ended up having to spend a night on the streets of krakow in the freezing cold (this was in novemeber/december)… a situation best avoided.

the interrail month ticket is great value, although it’s worth being aware you do have to pay extra for reservations on certain trains/services. you can check out reviews of hostels and stuff beforehand so you have idea of places to stay that are good value, though coming from the UK where hostels are nearly all stupidly expensive, it all seemed cheap to me. if you can stay with people you know along the way its awesome too…

generally i think interrailing is a great way to see europe… if i did it again i’d visit less places and spend a bit more time at each… but yeah its cool

Road-trip is my only way to holiday… but we’re talking Australia, different kettle of fish. Experiences? always have been awesome.

I just returned from a half-year trip. But we were hitch-hiking and CouchSurfing which is the cheapest way to travel as we found out. It was just me and my girlfriend and we used approximately 2 EURO-s per day. And it was awesome. I could write a book about this crazy vacation…

Interrail ticket is great value of money if you have no plans where to go. Just wondering around Europe.
BUT I would say that, If you have in your mind a place you want to visit, you can propably, in 80% possibility, get cheaper tickets buing them directly from train station to next location. Use second class trains and its almost free.
Some people even go interrailing totally free by making their own tickets with some skills of scanning & photoshopping, but thats something im not going to start teach here…
But like Eeter pointed out, hitchhiking and couch surfing is really great deal.

For you and other people in here forum i really really recom the Trans-Siberian journey. Or let say Trans-Mongolian route.
I took that year ago -> st. Petersburg - Moscow (terrible city, don’t spend time there!) - around
the great pSyberia - ??? - Mongolia - Oblivion - China, Peking.
Take atleast one month holiday for that so you have time to hop in and out from train to see places.
Best part, its ridiculous cheap, especially in mongolia. and soooo beautiful, original places like those places has been thousands and thousands years…If you like nature.

I think im next summer heading back to siberia. I lost my soul there.

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cheers, cAMEL from dusty b00ts