Introducing Myself

Hi everybody,

my name is Elwood and I’m new here. :w00t: I come from germany where people tend to call me “Dennis Schulmeister”.

I’m also relatively new to tracking but not new to music and digital recording at all. I guess my recording career began four years ago in a local studio. Since than I always dreamed to be able to record my music at home. Finaly my dream come true three years ago. If you like you’ll find some of my music at Motagator. (Alternativly you can browse through my webpage,) I’m also one of four moderators and responsible for some content at, the fastest growing online community about music on the internet. Of course you’re all invited to join.

Basicaly I understand where trackers come from and how they work. Since I already know quite a bit about computer music I had very high standards when I was about to choose a tracker which fits to me. I’m proud to claim that Renoise is the only one which fullfills relly every of my demands. No question, I’ll of course register my copy. I mean 45 bucks is steal!

There’s just one question though. I understand the way how keyboard layout is designed when it comes to entering some notes in the pattern editor. I’d love to use a small midi keyboard but it wouldn’t fit the desktop. So rather ‘playing’ the keyboard I’d feel more comfortable simply entering the note’s names in the pattern editor. e.g. if I want to record C-4 I wouldn’t press “Y” (or “Z” on some keyboards) but enter “C4” . Anybody knows if this is possible.

Thanks in advance,

yeah, it took me about a month to learn where everything was.

It’s remarkably efficient. Just gotta be patient!

That seems to be the key to tracking - be patient and honest and great work will come.

The stuff I’m doing in renoise is leaps and bounds above anything I’ve ever done in my life. So you made a good choice, sir!

Handling the Trackerkeyboard is easy. Take a look at this

The layout is easy to understand.

Thanks for the warm welcome. Unfortunatly I don’t know Elwood from Finnland. The handle is a reference to Elwood from the Blues Brothers movie (1980).

I see. Understanding the tracker keyboard is not hard since I’m a keyboarder myself. It’s just that it’s limited to two octaves. I guess I can live with that.


Just change octaves down/up with / and * on the numeric keypad. That’s faster than typing C4 imo.