Inverted Vertex

This is a mid nineties-style drum and bass track going at the comparatively slow tempo of 160 bpm. It is inspired by artists like Goldie and Dillinja. It samples a string quartet version of some song by Adele, but the strings are reversed and rearranged and doubled with a mellotron string instrument. The double bass and some other sounds come from a Sun Ra record. There is a sine sub, an 808 boom and some more contemporary-sounding distorted mid-range wobbles. The drum samples should be familiar. This tune incorporates an Amen, an Apache and a Think break. There is also a very familiar nineties dnb loop in there, sampled from a King Cannibal tune. The synth melody is a lightly modified preset from the Zebralette.

I hope you like it. It is not an attempt at exactly replicating a nineties sound, nor is it an attempt at updating said sound. It’s just something I did for fun and which I though turned out well.


Thanks. It isn’t mastered yet. What was the name of that bloke who offered to master tracks for free? Does anyone remember?

That might have been me… I recently mastered an EP for another forum user. I’m in the process of establishing a new mastering service this summer,
and I’m currently doing different tracks/genres for some showcases I’m putting together.
If you want, I can have a go at it (for free), and if you don’t like the result, no hard feelings :)

The only thing I ask for in return is that I can use a short snippet of the song in one of the showcases.

PM me a download link if you’re interested!
(preferrably with at least -3db headroom in the mix)

Oh, that was you? I remember a different avatar, but what the hey. I’ll PM you a link as soon as I have a mix ready. It’s not mastered, but there’s an EQ and some other stuff on the master channel and it’s too loud at the moment. Wave format, right? What do you use for big uploads?

Excellent, I’d be glad to try out.
yes, I prefer WAV - in either 16/24/32 bit, and either 44/48/88/96 khz (preferrably the samplerate you have worked and mixed in, usually 44 I guess).

I originally planned to use a Soundcloud dropbox for uploads, but after various testing it proves rather buggy (things get lost),
so I think I’ll go with this simple thingie instead - works like a charm so far:

and send to: ""

I have 3 other mastering-jobs this week, so I don’t think I can have it ready until monday-tuesday, hope that’s fine B)

Alright. It’s in the mail! Thank you.