iOS/ Android?

Renoise likely needs a community app on iOS for on the go inspiration! Community? Is this possible? iOS is a BIG part of my audio buggery and tools are there but not for practical applications to my relaxant world. This would mean more time and inspiration to load the daw up an generate funds to a long deserved crew we call family… Would this be rambling or have this some merit? CHEERZ!!!

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Radio show with more hacking focus and audio/ technolust focus is Printed Circuit FM re air. Music is still focus! SEMD TRACKS TO ME!! You get paid if your registered… What one of you isn’t though right? .02 cheque a year in pasoes you’d swear form filling is obviously worth it ;)


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Oh Cummon… It’s serious thought though no?

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it was a kinda weird OP but this has been mulled over before in some threads dating back a few years ago. I dont find touch screens very conducive to trackers which is why i don’t ever use sunvox on a mobile even though it’s there… I think for the most part putting some sequencer on a mobile is great for getting notes or patterns down that come to you on the go but anything beyond that is just not that appropriate - that’s my cheap 2 cents.

Tablets support bluetooth (and other kinds of) keyboards. A tablet and a portable keyboard can be around 1-2 pounds with tons of battery life for <$600. Since umpc’s went out of fashion, there’s no laptop option that comes close to offering this. Even netbooks are 3 pounds+ with less screen real estate and shittier hardware.

Granted, I know the economics don’t work out to make renoise available in this form. However, I do think it’s worth thinking about tablets as being more than gimmicky touchscreen UIs, they’re a computing platform that is dominating in terms of price/performance/portability right now due to the high level of competition.

If you have an iDevice just get propellerhead Figure, it’s crazy awesome. Wish they updated it with some more sounds tho, although of course I wouldn’t know if they already did that since I don’t own any such device.

Is there any serious music making app available? I only know toys. Imho a good DAW needs looooots of screen size. Would be a waist of developing capacity.

The thing with art as that as soon as you say “a good X needs Y” something comes along which violates that assumption. I’m sure some musicians would say you can’t make good music using only a qwerty keyboard. Sure there are constraints, but so does every platform.

There’s plenty of good stuff out there. I don’t use it, but Auria is the standard-bearer for DAWs. The apps are getting more high profile. Propellerhead recently ported Thor, Sugar Bytes ported Turnado, Korg has MS20 and polysix emulators, and Waldorf Nave is getting good reviews. I personally enjoy making stuff in nanostudio, nanoloop, and sunvox, although those are more lightweight, cpu-efficient tools.

Also, a lot of tablets can be plugged into a TV now, if the large screen thing is make or break for you.

Like I said, it’s probably not the right direction for the renoise team, but it’s not productive to dismiss the platform because it “doesn’t have X”, where X is something that I happen to find familiar (keyboard, large screen, sufficient cpu/memory (just wait another 6 months), etc.).

Well said.

And Hardock, yes there are a few interesting sequencers and synths/drum machines - waldorf just put out Nave which IMO is far more inspiring than any sort of soft synth I know, genome is a decent sequencer app, steinberg recently just but out cubasis for ios which is not bad at all, but it still seems the majority uses (ahem) garage band for composition on the ipad. More power to them. Then there are just slews of synths and sound / music utilities that are extremely handy by your side in the studio… Again in my opinion the mobile devices or more specifically tablets are better suited for instrument applications than full on sequencer apps, although it’s cool to have something like cubasis or genome to jot down some synth lines that come to you or rhythms.

Besides a few things I did in jesuto I don’t think i’d ever use a tablet to actually sequence a song. That said jasuto is a pretty awesome approach to sound design and sequencing for a touch screen. . I don’t hear it talked much about but then again it really hasn’t seen any development or updates for at least three years which is a shame.

While Renoise on iOS would certainly need to be simpler, I believe the hardest part is in transferring, or replacing, the tracker QWERTY workflow.
Not even SunVox, which has otherwise done a great job in striking the right ‘cross-platform’ balance in it’s UI has nailed this bit, if you ask me.

But for now, we do have some options for Renoise. E.g., if you are willing to use your iPad as a remote control, the TouchOSC + Duplex combination is very interesting experience.


Of course, it’s not a standalone mobile solution, and needs to have a working WIFI connection. This makes it quite tricky to bring to the stage (although not impossible).
But, for dabbling with stuff in the studio or doing a multi-user Renoise session it really is worth the effort.

Thanks danoise! I needed a serious reply. I was quite serious about this… My ADHD gets ahead of me sometimes but hey. Lol

Anyway, I just thought maybe the talent we have in this community could think of something to help out us iOS or android users.

I use iOS constantly performing live. Would be righteous. Maybe another time? But yeah sunvox is so damn hard on my iPhone but alot better in iPad view… Thanks guys!


The Ubuntu phone is coming

Renoise will runt on it out of the box?

I doubt it - intel vs. arm… unless you have an x86 phone somehow… maybe the closest thing you can get at this point is running it on a surface pro (anyone tried that?)

The problem is not just the intel vs arm thing. There is also a graphics issue. Many of the daws and vst plugins (renoise included) do not translate to the tiny screens well. So even if you had a Surface Pro, and Renoise’s Graphical Interface loaded properly ( I just assume it would ), you will run into trouble with one of your vsts…