Ip Camera Robot Software?

I’ve spent hours just watching people and checking out interesting places, watching train stations, zoos, boat docks, beaches, factories, people’s houses, municipal buildings, busy streets, looking out other people’s windows. Something about being able to see so many places without a filter and in real time, and then trying to figure out where it actually is, I find pretty fun.

I’m looking for a multi- ip camera software kind of like earthcam that can maybe use google to find and verify ip cameras and display them in groups.

like a software that does this.

and shows every camera that works across the screen.
Is there anything like this?

eh, oops, I just kind of remembered what I was looking for.

If anyone knows anything more about this I would love to see it.

That is pretty hard. You may be able to pinpoint a global area of where camera’s might be, but not the exact.
Usually they are connected through routers or switches. It is fun material to play with though… The Axis wireless ip camera’s have linux platforms installed with a lot of features like movement registration etc.

Wouaw… amazing

That is some of the fun of it!

Last summer, I was looking around probably using an Axis. I forget the other names or strings I was using, but anyway, I found myself in a cage at a zoo, watching a what I believe was a man in Japan cleaning it. Lot’s and lots of cameras in Japan. I panned around and just watched the guy for what seemed like maybe an hour. Eventually he saw the movement and waved at me, not exactly sure if there is an etiquette for something like that. I never did find out what animal was in the cage I was looking into.

the first link should have some links to youtube, where they will tell you about using these strings.

intitle:liveapplet inurl:lvappl

on lot’s of those you can control the resolution and directly control the cameras, sometimes they even have multiple cameras from just the one interface.