Iphone Aciiiid!

i’ve had my fun with the “Technobox” app, but now it seems that the real deal (well, considered) is finally here:
ReBirth on iPhone


this is actually the first convincing argument for getting an iphone… :lol:

I got a black berry :( I think they upped the contract length around the time the iphone was coming too which is when i got it. I’m stuck with it for another year and a half :( :(

need another one? here it is

(I will never buy an iPhone, anyway ;))


This has honestly got me rethinking NOT getting one. My g/f is a student so we get an AWESOME unlimited data plan for $30.00 after my current plan of unlimited non data for 19.99 i was going to go for a blackberry but I am really reconsidering. =D NICE!!!


I’m hooked on apps. I have an ipod and it’s great with with playing games and jamming on music apps. But I hate using it as an mp3 player when trying to get music on and off of it. apple is great at making cool things suck.