Iphone Users/Open Sound Control

I don’t have an iphone so I don’t know if this even works, but I know a few of you do from seeing the TouchOSC thread.

I just saw this:


It’s open source, available free from the appstore.

The idea of mrmr, looks to be platform independent, but it looks like the dev only has an iphone maybe.
From what I can tell from the site it looks to use not platform independent stuff.


Interesting things about this is:

  • create your own interface using only a text editor
  • multiuser by design / client peer-to-peer or client-server models supported
  • open standards (zeroconfig/bonjour/mdns, OSC), open source
  • dynamic interfaces: widgets can be reconfigured ‘on the fly’

If I’m right, I think he might be using this as the backend:

right now it’s the top log, 2010/2/9, I don’t have Japanese language support. (but that doesn’t matter cuz I wouldn’t be able to read it anyway)

wrong image:

I think I’ve got that somewhere on my ipod touch. Would be neat to show up at a gig with a wifi router and get everyone in the crowd to plug into a separate effect parameter on your effect chains. Hell, I think I might just do that some night.

writes a note to self

That’s an interesting idea! :)

I found some windows utilities while looking at Remokon:

I guess Remokon is the one Craftwife was using with SC3 in those videos of hers. :)