Is A Linux Version Of Renoise Planned?

does the renoise team plan on releasing renoise for linux?
i was under the impression that osX’s BSD based design makes it less difficult to port programs between osX and linux. final scratch is a good example of a signal processing program that has benefitted from running on linux, and i’d love to see one of my main reasons for using windows go away.

i think there is no linux version planned … and i think it’s ok … there are 2 platforms with a big support of audio software in a professional way (Mac/Win) … on linux there is no vsti or asio stuff … no plugins … but maybe u can use win-Renoise with an win-emulation within linux …

There are no concrete plans for a linux port yet. But if someone here have experience with writing GUI and(/or) audio applications on linux, contact us and we can discuss it.

And Alex: There are plugin formats for linux, LADSPA among others. There has also been some experimenting with making VST plugins run on linux as well, but I don’t know how successful it has been.

here it is a VST compatibility page for Linux.

i’ll be really annoyed if the mac build of renoise runs faster than the windows one.

It will ofcourse depend on the processors you are using but if you are using equivalent processors on the 2 test-machines it probably will ;) cause ppc has a better architecture than the old x86 and mac osx has a better architecture than the crappy windows-os… ;) I do not own a mac myself though and am stuck to windows awhile longer, untill I either buy a ppc-machine or linux will become a better platform for making music, it will probably take a few years before that will happen though, however I hope ALSA and LADSPA will become a hit and lead to that the music-app-developers start to release their apps on linux aswell…

windows isn’t as crappy now with XP… if you use it decently, it won’t cause problems. 'cept for the security issues, of course. i think it’s one of the fastest and most well supported multimedia platforms available.

also, most artists use more than one piece of software… not all of their developers are as nice and cool as ours. i don’t think sony will port soundforge to linux or ppc…

and i don’t know how to tweak a linux box :(

just because it isn’t as crappy doesn’t mean it’s better than linux. rencently several major distributions of linux have been rebuilt to specifically cater more exclusively to audio/video applications (see

either i will have to change my sound editor of choice to a linux one, or i’ll wait until version 1.4 for taktik’s improved rendition of soundforge, which’ll probably be better anyway :) .

knowledge is POWER. learning things is good for your brain. so who wants to learn how to port renoise to linux (besides me). :P

WinXP isn’t maybe as crappy as Win98 or 3.11 (thank God for that :D), but it is still crappy ;) :lol:
WinXP is far from the fastest multimedia platform available, just instal linux on the same machine and make some benchmarks ;) or even better, make the same benchmarks on a G5. ;) XP is without doubt a resource eating monster without precedent. Just take a look at the system recommendations for the os and you will see what I mean. Sure, you can turn off many things in the os (the incredible worthless theme service for example) and free up some resources, but even after you have done that the os still uses unwarranted amout of resources.

Yes, and that is the only reason why I still sitting with a windows installation when I make music…

i think the discussion is senseless if we don’t make a precise distinction:

  1. there are different OS’s

  2. there are different CPU’s

  3. there is a commercial world of software development and a non commercial

  1. yes windows is a load of crap … to much senseless os-services that decrese the cpu-power … but there are also senseless services in OSX or linux for work with audio stuff … only a os specialist has the possibility to speed up the system by tweaking the os. musicians are no pc/os specialist in general …
  1. intels & amd’s way of cpu-creations is simply stupid. more GHz more cpu-commands isn’t progressive. the future is in RISC supported CPU’s: small command-sets … but i think anytime intel & amd will follow the ppc/risc way … coz risc will win the run to the future …
  1. we all are in a commercial world. every coder needs money to live … in that way he has an incentive to work and follow his destination … and also a head-person of a big software company works for his destination: money (for living etc.) and only perfect software that suits all needs obtains enough profit… opensource is an idealistic way of software development … and admirable … but anytime the non commercial coders have no enthusiasm to code for nothing anymore and leave there work and other coders continue the work but in another way … there is no real future oriented concept-line, there is no permanent head of development: and this is not the way for future oriented software development (it’s too slow and coders are coding for there own sadisfaction and there own needs and can’t look right over the needs of all users etc.) …
    maybe there is a future wihtout any money … with a life for living and a life for science (like in star trek ;) ) only … in this time there will be all good properties of open source and commercial software development grow together … or something like this …

maybe i’m wrong a little bit … but there are true words i think, isn’t it … B)

Did anybody try Lindows With Renoise.
with a Virtual PC like VMWARE ?

Lindows is nothing more than a Linux Distribution with a WINE-implementation installed. Read more about how good Renoise works under WINE here

It will probably work with VMWare but you will get problems with the performance even if you have a pretty fast machine cause running 2 or more OS’s at the same machine takes lot of resources, especially when it comes to as heavie and viscous OS’s as windows…

1 Turning off useless demons (processes) on Linux is a piece of cake, but when I tried to do it I found all od the running demons required for general use. I haven’t seen completely useless demons running on my Linux since the time I installed it.

Tweaking Linux is as hard as Windows, just different. Linux is the kind of system that just requires some knowledge if you want to use it. Each Linux user will some day be a pc/os expert. And that doesn’t mean it’s hard to use.

3 Whole Internet is dominated by an opensource server named Apache. I bet Renoise server is running on it, because it is the best server available. This forum is made in an opensource programing language PHP. Most today’s pages in the Internet use opensource database MySQL. Most SB Live/Audigy users use uncommercial kX drivers because they are simply better than the ones made by a huge company Creative. I use opensource Mozilla browser, because it even shouldn’t be compared to the total shit made by the biggest company on earth. I use opensource Linux because it is also better than total shit made by this company. Opensource is a fact. If a program is developed by humdreds of programmers from all over the world it just has to be good. Note that opensource made many good stuff like those mentioned above. There are problems with Linux, because still too few people use it. The more users - the biggest support from hardware companies and stuff. Also if more people used Linux Windows would be better… But that’s another story…