Is Anyone Here Tested Tc Konnekt 24d With Renoise?

I want to buy TC`s Konnekt 24D.

here is the link.

But i want be prepared for any kind of troubles.
So, is anyone here of you tested this device with Renoise?

I have a Konnekt 8, you’re probably interested in the effects and if they work which I don’t know… but they’re VST I think so they should [?] …

Just wanted to mention one annoying bug in their drivers for the Intel-based Macs and OSX: Everytime you launch a new app/process, the audio cuts out on the whole system. They know it’s a problem and said they’re working on a fix. I tried via Bootcamp/WinXP and didn’t have that problem. Like someone else said, Apple’s FW seems kind of hosed so I think companies have to make their own code to work around which takes some effort.

One more thing, as I was playing with the beta drivers on the Mac, Renoise sees the Fabrik C and Fabrik R VST plugins, and the interface loads, but since I don’t have the 24, They say disabled because the hardware isn’t present. I think that’s as much as I can test with the lower end model. For the money it sounds really good, so IMO, you should buy it and ask about a return policy, just in case it doesn’t work fully for you.

Thanks a lot!
I heard the same issues with mac computers and TC Konnekt24D. (my friend own a g4 titanium powerbook).
But im not scared, cuz im on pc.