Is It Against Forum Rules To Give A Heads Up If I'm Selling Someth

I’ll be putting a lightly used Novation Remote Zero SL on eBay sometime between now and this weekend and will post a link to the auction if anyone here is interested.

Sorry if this is against the rules of the forum. :(

And if anyone is going to ask, I’m selling it because it’s a little too much for me (replacing it with a Nocturn or a Korg Nano Kontrol), and because I want to put the money toward a Jazz Bass. :guitar:

how much?

I paid 300 USD for it less than a year ago. The paint is scratched a bit under the first 2 faders on the mixer side but as anyone who owns one of these will tell you, that happens pretty quickly and with little use. That’s what the guy at the store told me anyway. Regardless, it’s in perfect working order and I still have all the software that came with it.

I was thinking 200 USD because I just want to get rid of the thing, put the money toward a jazz bass, and replace it with something that suits my needs a little better.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing controller. One of the best I’ve ever used in fact. It’s just too much for me and I want something a little more basic, and a bit smaller.

If i wasn’t uk based id be interested. Would anyone else find a buy/sell section on the renoise forums handy?

I think that’d be a pretty good idea. :)

id vote for that too, as long as its musical equipment beeing sold ;)

And not to hijack your topic but i got stuff i could get rid of myself if i knew it would go to a dedicated user.

i really shouldn’t as i just spent lot$ on a psp :confused: i’m sure it will sell though.

i think this board is too small and not active enough to need such a topic and it would taint the simplicity and focus of the current forum. there are other places such as the KVR Market Place and the VSE Synth Classifieds which will suit those needs mostly by having a larger more pertinent user base.

maybe just one big buy/sell thread.


Why couldn’t this be it? Administration willing, post links to your eBay auctions.

as infrequent an occurrence i think sales would be, it seems appropriate to just post a unique thread in off-topic. other solution would be a dedicated thread as syflom suggested. no need to clutter the board with more categories is what i mean.