Is It Beneficial To Add A Sub To For Monitoring?

frequently have content below 40hz and my monitors roll off about there (alesis m1 actives).

I was considering adding a sub to my setup, but I’m in a relatively small unoptimized room and I’m concerned that it may negatively impact frequency response flatness.

A local store has some krk sub for about 350 or something.

So, is it beneficial to add a sub?

But I too have those M1 actives. Nice little monitors with a good kick, but there is a very noticable roll-off (I would of said more around 50Hz though.) But I do also have a old set of floor standing monitors that came out of a BBC studio in the midlands the end of the 70s, powered by a pair of Quad amps, so I have a range for comparision.

Remember it is always worth trying to listen on as many pairs as possible, and one of the biggest tests is actually getting it to sound alright on a tiny little transistor radio style system, which often requires a lot less bass to stop it sounding either very muddy or distorted.

i think crossover is build into any decent active sub…

Anyway… i would prefer little bigger monitotrs that play flat to at least 40 Hz and no sub (if i remember correctly then m1 actives roll of around 50 Hz like someone mentioned.

If you add a sub you have to carefully balance it and you have to have good room acoustics so that low end wount overpower/overresonate other frequencies.