Is It Out There Or In There Or ... One Old Ft2feat

Hi there,

I’ve been going through Renoise in a thousand ways (by figure of speech) hoping to find the following feature : in FT2 you had the possibility to select an instrument and after hitting the play-button, you could see the notes being played on the keyboard. You hear me coming : is it in Renoise? If so : how can this be activated / found / etc…
My thanks guys,

this only works when playing with the keyboard: the virtual keyboard on Instr. Envelopes responds to keyboard strokes, but does not responds to play events.

I miss this aswell, but it is not so important

who needs this? make music with your ears not with your eyes !!! :D :P

@ It-Alien : indeed, I noticed the same thing and found it strange that it didn’t work while playing songs. It’s not that important but believe it or not : it helped me learn from other modules in the past (using FT2).
Don’t get me wrong : I’m not talking about ripping tunes here but a way of learning chords and the structure of brilliant parts using your eyes. I never had a musical training so you have to row with the paddles you receive?

@ AMK : I make music with my keyboard and mouse :wink:

oh … OK … i remember Ludwig v. Beethoven was also deaf in his last years ;) ;) ;)

… i suggested an automated one-key-chord function too … as a help for me as hardcore intuition-musician :rolleyes: