Is it possible to drag & drop a pattern slot diagonally in the pattern matrix?

Hello there!
I have a difficult question I think…
I want to drag and drop 140 small midi melodies files into Renoise, assign theme to play using an instrument (say 01). I also have a rhythm loop at 00

In matrix each midi takes place diagonally for 140 tracks!
How to fast assign all of them to play in sequence, 1,2,3 etc with loop?

I want to export them in a single wav file or if it is easy better in 140 wav files
140_tracks_Renoise diag_matrix_Renoise
Any solutions please?

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This operation seems very specific. I doubt that Renoise has any ability to do that (diagonally place each MIDI file in a quick operation).

Maybe it would help that you share a couple of your MIDI melody files that you want to drag and drop on Renoise.

Maybe it is possible to build a “strange” LUA tool to do that specific operation.

Accumulating data or placing it diagonally is not a problem (with the iteration is possible). But we should see what Renoise does in the operation of dragging and dropping a MIDI file to import it.

It would be something like, select a folder and the tool would import all those MIDI files in the specific way you want. But I think the API has nothing related to do that. Something like: (): load_midi_data (filename) -- this does not exist!

Can you select all MIDI files and drag them at the same time? When you deposit them, they are stacked on the same track, each in a pattern?

Distributing data already written in the matrix is “relatively simple” through a tool. So the problem is really in the operation of dragging and dropping external MIDI files with note data.

Hello Raul, thank you for your reply!
You cannot drag folders
Also I mentioned that each midi takes space of 16 tracks. No, they are not stacked on the same track, neither in a single pattern, but they extend to according lines and patterns
I don’t know any tool to load midi…
I am uploading some midi and a new image for testing
Waiting for some solution, yeah maybe a simple lua!

The problem is the midi files themselves (.MID format). Yes, it is possible to select several MIDI files (an entire folder) and drag it over Renoise. Then, it will load all the files (I suppose it will superimpose data if necessary).

But each MIDI file also contains track data. So, this would only be possible if the MID files are already ordered:

  1. mid_file 1 on track 1
  2. mid_file 2 on track 2
  3. mid_file 3 on track 3.
  4. etc.
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