Is It Possible To Import A Midi File Into A Pre-exsisting Song?

Is it possible to import a MIDI file into a pre-exsisting song?

  • Allowing me to use the imported MIDI data alongside tracks I’ve already made?

The live method:

You can use MidiYoke to virtual connect to another MIDI application and then attach a MIDI instrument to the channels that you share between the apps through MIDI Yoke. In that case you can let Renoise record the MIDI data from the other application.

The copy and paste method:

Import in a new Renoise session, then copy the track data from the new Renoise session to the other session where you want to merge the data.

The Merge method:

Import as MIDI in Renoise, save as XRNS, use PHP-Xrns and the Merger script to merge both XRNS files together.

Many ways to Rome.

Thanks vV, I’ll give those methods a try. :)

I loved that merge-thing, when I was on PC. Is there a Mac version?

Hey, thats great. And it looks very easy… ehhr. not. Better sleep first!

Thanks Bentai :)

I went with the Merge approach.
Worked great,
thanks again.