Is It Possible To Insert External Effects Into The Signal Path?

Haven’t been able to figure it out or find it in manual.

or is it just currently not possible?

thanks a bunch!
Recently bought renoise and loving it!

if by “external effects” you mean “VTS effects”, then yes:

using vst

Oh sorry , i actually meant outboard effects.

You could try to use the line-in device for that if you want to route an external source through your effect chain if that was what you were aiming at…
Though when rendering, this audio is not processed!
So if you want to render, you have to prerecord the thing using the sampler and then click the track “Fx” button to apply the selected track’s fx chain to the signal.

I’ve been trying some things out and can’t get it to work the way i was hoping.
I must be doing something obvious wrong.

Here is what I’m trying to do:
I have a sound card with 8 in/out.
on one channel i have a snare drum, on which i might want to use
an outboard compressor or a guitar distortion pedal.

So what i was thinking is that I set the output of the snare channel to 1/2
then on the same channel i insert a Line-in device. in te prefs set input to channel 1.
and physically connect the I/O of sound card with cables and put effect in between.

what i was hoping for was the distorted snare to replace the clean snare. what i get is feedback. this i guess makes sense.

If i was trying to do this in Logic 8 , i would use what they call the I/O plug in.
IS this akso possible in Renoise or would i just need to maybe also use an outboard mixer ?

thanks for any help. It’s greatly appreciated.

Yes this is logical, if you don’t want the feedback, you will be needing two tracks to accomplish this:
Use any effects on the snare in the original track you would like to use before the signal is send to the output. (That is attached to your external effect).
Then use the line-in device on a different track where you do not route to your external effect that plugs back into your input, then add effects behind that line-device on that specific track and you won’t get feedback.

Renoise do not have a send/return as one single device (input<->ouput device like in logic). So instead you send the entire track output and then return it with a LineIn device.

What I do is to use a Send device. Set it to ‘Mute source’. Then add a LineIn device behind this send device.

The send device will send the signal to a Send track. In the Send track you output the signal to Audio card ouputs.
The LineIn device will return the signal from audio card inputs.

This way you will get no feedback because the the Send device routes the signal away before the LineIn device (and not after the LineIn Device as you did).

thanks a lot guys

“Aux device” would be really useful though. Specially on linux and Jack. Shouldn’t be too hard to make either.

yes that would be sweet,im also getting into starting to use external hardware effects in my music,so would be very handy to have.