Is It Possible To Record Solo/Mute Actions Into Renoise?

Is it possible to record solo/mute actions into Renoise as a live performance or otherwise?

You can definately control solo/mute with the basic button on top of each individual track for use in performance. I’m not sure if you can automate solo/mute with an envelope or anything like that. You can simply have new patterns without any note commands and use OFF or FF00 commands when you want to stop audio from certain tracks.

I reckon this sort of control, specifically due to the intricacies of solo and how that works, would need to be automated on its own separate kind of meta-track to be elegant. That’s how I’d do it anyway if i was writing this ill shit, which i’m not.

My suggestion in the short term is simply to automate gainers at the end of a track or the trackVolPan volume. For live purposes the muting i’ve done has always been momentary and not a toggle, so i just bound mutes to notes on a trigger pad and muted for as long as the key was held down.

Yeah, that’s what I ended up looking at too…It’s just that I was coming up with some really nice pattern variations performing solo actions and was hoping to capture some of that…but, I got it trickin’ out now!