Is It Possible To Route Out To Multiple Send Channels?

A while ago I posted a topic about being able to play multiple instruments at once in different channels/columns. I wanted to be able to do this as when I create a bassline I input the same notes into three seperate channels, one for low, mid and hi. This gives you far more control over your bass sounds.

I wanted to be able to press one key and be able to hear the sound coming from all three channels.

I was just thinking that a work around would be to just have one channel but route the output to three seperate send channels, one for low, mid and hi.

Is this possible?

not really seperate

but maybe bantai’s tip will do the same for you.

Woohoo!!! That’s awesome!!! I’ll give it a go now.
Cheers for that!!!

If it works, it will make my life so much easier!!!

WOW!!! It works!!! That’s the best tip I’ve ever got from this site.

I advise all dance producers reading this to follow those steps, especially if you’re making Drum & Bass.

Cheers Bantai, you’re a legend!!!

No he is still busy becoming one…