is it possible to speed up the pattern-view?

don’t know - in my opinion the patternview is’nt fast enough. with some vsti’s (cpu-usage ca. 40-60%) and a high bpm song the pattern-view runs not soft and it’s hard to follow the song on a visuell way.

is it possible to optimizing the pattern-view or is it possible to make the pattern-view nearly cpu-usage independent?!

warning: pompous comment ;)
buy a faster CPU alex :P

This is because the audio thread has higher priority, so the GUI will lag instead of letting the audio start popping. Try playing an empty song, and look at the cpu-meter. How much is the GUI really using?

with 64 empty tracks it takes 5% of P3 500 (when it’s not playing, and a little more when playing), pretty much if you ask me, send tracks also eats cpu…

:o is this the one and only reality? ok ok P3-1ghz isn’t so fast ;) … but overall I think the patterview isn’t fast enough … is it not possible to stabilize the scrolling on a cpu-usage of 50%???
mhhhh … the patternview is dependent on the fonts … can’t understand why it takes so much cpu to display an 8x8 bitmap font … or why the cpu-usage takes such a big effect to the patternview/GUI of Renoise … ok the prio of the Renoise-audio-engine is higher but i think the GUI itselfs needs to much cpu-resources … maybe?