Is It True That Trent Reznor Used Renoise To Score Parts Of The Social

Is it true that Trent Reznor used Renoise to score parts of The Social Network

Anyone know?

Music and Movie is bad a**.



I love how the Facebook guy gets a Linux server with a LAMP stack… uses wget to hack (hardly) the Harvard Clubs.
The best part is running Pearl scripts to load and has a Python hacking contest with beer to get hired at Facebook.

Justin Timberlake plays Sean Parker from Napster well!

I saw the movie that first thursday night then took my mom to matinee (cuz she has to live with me) and now I am watching it from home from internet.
3rd time is as fun as first… Winklevi!

I’ve never heard Renoise mentioned when it comes to NIN or How To Destroy Angels. But if you are interested in what gear Trent uses, have a look HERE

I dunno all that stuff is pretty dated and he could be stepping up to the Renoise tip!


I never heard that, only logic in studio and mainstage for live:

(Cool microphone processing :))

and yay 1000 posts :)