Is "pattern Length" Still Available?

Is “pattern length” still available? I might just be missing something obvious…

Great job 'yall. There may be bugs, but it’s easy to see how great this program is going to be when it’s out of the alpha stage.

Thank you so much for releasing an alpha to the reg users.


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Just left of “pattern00” on top in the pattern editor is a number you can change. Default is 40 (hex), change at will. :)

really hard to find !!! without your hint sagosen ;) … i looked for it serveral times … this must be changed and i need arrows to change the length!!!

I totally agree with that. it’s okay to type in the tracklenght if you want to. but don’t leave out the option with buttons.

wow, that’s well hidden.
and i’d also prefer an option to drag this value up or down by mouse.

I found it by accident, trying to rename that “new” column, hehe… SUDDENLY the pattern lenght changed! Its location was logical to me when I first found it, but it IS hard to find… :rolleyes:

Instead of arrows, I’d like to be able to CTRL + drag to increase/decrease the value. Arrows in that small space would look ugly, imho.

Oh, and I have noticed that most envelopes already have this type of feature; keep ctrl down and when you click-drag, the effect is different from when you just click. I really like this “smart-drag” feature, and think it should be implemented on a lot more :)

same thing with the fine adjustments that you can do to envelope-points. I’d love to see this effect on the DSP-sliders, or just about any slider; some time it is hard to get a precise value otherwise.

I think it’s a nice place to put it If you finally know where it is.
But arrows would be nice indeed.

and I also miss arrows in the pattern editor on the side to change the pattern number

The option was great to find and I agree that it’s a good place once it’s found, except that it only goes to 1f4 now instead of 200, and I had some songs made at 200 that don’t play correctly in this version because of it.

This version seems to operate a lot faster/smoother. I had a couple songs that seemed to have a slow-down-but-still-sync-somehow issues that actually play the right way now, not that they sounded “bad” the other way.

It’s great to see the left ctrl-shift combination with the up and down cursor keys uses the editstep value to navigate.

Again, thanks for releasing an alpha. It’s really cool.

holy crap was that hard to find. I looked for 20 min before i came to this forum. Keep on rocking. I love this version of renoise. No crashes or bugs so far.