Is Python better than PHP?

Hello All, I have noticed the salary of php developer is low as compared to other profiles like python developer, java developer and so many. So I want to know Is Python better than PHP? I have enjoyed PHP for a long time but I have never taken a job in PHP due to what I hear about salaries.

Honestly with these higher level languages you really tend to use them all, particularly: Perl, Python, Ruby, BASH, C++, F#.

So it is best to learn techniques like forking, threading, multiplexing, queuing, scheduling,
dispatching, signal catching, data structures, regex, etc…

More specifically to your question, Python has some very good extentions to the language
that are worth knowing: NumPy, SciPy, PyScapy, and Pandas comes to mind.



Hey there,

I work in software development and I love writing Python. I would be reluctant to say something as broad as “language x is better than language z”. That being said, PHP has a pretty narrow focus in comparison to Python. Python is truly a general purpose language, while PHP (as far as I can tell) is used for web development.

Even in the world of web development, I’ve been seeing less and less PHP over the past decade, but it’s far from dead. Python is by far more popular.

If you’re looking for a language to learn to get into the industry of software development, Python could be a good choice, due to its broad nature. It’s used in virtually everything.

If you’re looking for web development jobs specifically, PHP could help, but there are far more popular languages these days, including Python. Django is a Python framework for web. Ruby is another good language to learn for web, as Ruby on Rails is still widely used. Of course, Java is still big and that’s a heavy-duty language compared to PHP, so if you jump into that, be prepared for a bit of a learning curve. Another popular language for web these days is node.js, which is actually server-side JavaScript.

I’d be glad to answer any further questions you might have about this, but I’m not seeing how this is related to Renoise :wink: , so if the mods don’t like this post here feel free to PM me.

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Python is way more comfortable to use than PHP… but PHP is getting better (still hate it with passion tho). Python pays more but it is MUCH easier to find a job in PHP… and they pay more than enough. If you have experience it’s easy to find decent salaries in PHP.

Don’t worry about the future tho… you’d be surprise how many outdated stuff there are out there. Real world stacks lag several years behind the trends… and all the shiny new language rarely replace the crappy old one (because it’s so expensive to remake it all). Otherwise PHP or even JAVA would have disappeared years ago

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Thanks for your suggestions, Yesterday I have researched it and found useful information in interviewbit which is why PHP salary is low as compared to other programming languages.