Is Renoise Fun And Addictive?

Hi all,

I’m new here and I’ve demo’d Renoise as I heard it from my friend 3 yrs ago…Is Renoise addictive? like Ableton Live where I can sit in my little studio corner and experiment with loops all day long. The thing is i really really enjoy step sequencing because I create it as oppose to grabbing a loop. Anyone come from Live and then moved on to Renoise? It looks fun and addicting. I want to buy it. I"m close to buying Reaper or this… I heard some of the songs on Renoise and my jaw dropped… That’s the stuff I listen to.



is making music fun and addictive?

making music is not always fun but sure is addictive

:w00t: :yeah: :yeah: :drummer: :w00t: :yeah:

you can decide by yourself if Renoise is fun and addictive, and there is no need to buy it to decide this, since there are not big limitations in the demo.

it’s up to you, with a bit of dedication, to understand if Renoise is exactly what you are looking for. If so, you will find it to be fun and addictive, definitely.

It is extremely addictive, once you get past the first 5 minutes.
In the first 5 minutes you feel like you’re staring at some sort of old-school accountancy software.

but a lot healthier - except for the sleeping-part - except in France :)

thanks guys… I like the vibes in this forum too.

Renoise is just different like Live. Renoise looks sooo cool on screen l.o.l. Thank goodness for the youtube tutorials…

btw, how long did it take you to learn this system and started making music confidently?

1 day for the soft. 10 years and more for music.

i think its right at the core.

for me , as soon as i’d watched the tutorial vids i was good to go .

though i’d been using lots of other stuff years.

Often times while using renoise I imagine I’m staring at an interface of a supercomputer on a futuristic space ship (like earth) like something seen in a science fiction film or series or directly imagined through writings of a book possibly unwritten. Often I get the LFO’s running in a such way that makes the parameters in the dsp lane look alive. Sometimes Renoise feels weaponized, and I feel like the sound I am producing can be or possibly should be used as a form of mind control. Many times I find myself making a few patterns and listening to them over and over and over, actively creating an atmosphere for alpha wave stimulation, this is my favorite time using renoise, reality warms and thickens and all around me, the visual cortex lights up and I feel good with the world. This last part only seems to happen at night, too much noise during the day.

dude, fuckin weird

it rocks ;) :yeah:

Lay off the lysergic lolol

hehe and i thought i`m the only one :D
indeed renoise has something magical sometimes!

edit: btw, render the tune and play it with winamp and milkdrop. that`s the shit!

I’ve been playing the demo since morning and I think I"m getting used to it… This is sooo different… I can’t record straight right? like a vocal take?

Once you get used to it and becomes a renoise guru… it’s fun as hell… it’s great how you can end up with crazy weird beats

i’m using renoise since 2001, and trackers since 1993. still learning :rolleyes:

recording tutorial page

sorry, you just got pwnd. :angry: