Is Renoise Your Main Daw?

:walkman: Renoise is really the main software I use. I really like composing with it! Also, I use sometime Acid Pro for mixing sounds ans recordings, or long tracks. And GoldWave for recording.

Once you go tracker you never go backward.

Yes. But sometime I use Live for its live capabilities.

i think i’m going to have to switch over to reaper for a while. renoise just isn’t able to deal with external controllers/synths/midi properly (yet).

That is the reason why apart from Renoise I have a copy of Logic Express, more midi capabilities.
It’s something I didn’t feel the need for until I started using a multitimbral external synth regularly.

yeah same, i’ve been getting into synth diy stuff of late and having a monome, and various external midi stuff, renoise just doesn’t really cut it outside of the single midi keyboard +samples/vsts world… patiently waiting though :dribble:

it’s my #1 live tool alongside with my external midi controllers. renoise gets the job done and it keeps getting better.

Yes it is my main DAW.

It is! Renoise replaced Reason around mid-December of last year. Sure made making the style(s) of music I want to make much easier.

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It has been for the last 10/15 years >
Lately I’m totally into studio one pro , still hate the piano roll but damn,… the console emulation is great .
Lot’s of other great stuff too .

Same here! Was Renoise for some time then now it is more FruityLoops, but when TakTiks done with his Magic, then might be full Renoise again. The real SideChaining Thing is still bothering me.:roll_eyes:

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Hey, I see that I’ve posted here 9 years ago! :open_mouth:

Yes yes, still today Renoise stay my main DAW.
But I sometime also use Ableton Live when this is usefull.

Renoise as main DAW yes.
FL Studio in second choice.

Yes main and more or less only DAW :+1:


Yes renoise is my main DAW

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9 years later, same reply


Currently, Studio One is, but Renoise gets my love every other day. The world would be a sad place without it.

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I only use Audacity to clip of beginnings/ends, and do additional fades, and converting to flac and mp3.

Otherwise I use Renoise for everything else, except brewing coffe. Its a lousy cooking tool in general.


Hands down, RENOISE is really my main DAW now to produce tunes.

I then will bounce the stems so I can open them on LOgic Prox. I like mixing in Logic…

but RENOISE reminds me of Alesis mMt8 sequencer. I like that

I moved to reaper, don’t use renoise anymore

This year was the first time I didn’t bother installing Renoise on my latest system build, still have it on my Surface, but i only use it on that for drawing single cycle waveforms to be used in another sampler.

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