Is Renoise Your Main Daw?

(gårcho) #40

Reaper is a Renoise user’s dream DAW. Cheap, robust, super awesome, and from good people. I use Renoise and Reaper exclusively. Reaper is for recording music, Renoise is for making music. I also use Finale, but am keeping my eyes on MuseScore, a free alternative that is working its way up to Renoise quality (still a ways off for now, though). I love Renoise so much I thank it in my albums (the ones I use it for anyways).

(Transcender) #41

Well, I seem to already have replied to this thread. But since I can’t delete this message, I’ll just repeat myself again: Yes, Renosie is my main DAW.

(Bungle) #42

Not for me at the moment
Just a beat slicer
Would need piano roll and HD recording and playback at least for me to use it as my main app
Would like to use it as a live tool too but doesn’t have the required features for that usage for me either
But it is a quality beat slicer


(xerxes) #43

Yeah! 99% of all sequencing is done in Renoise. Recording and mixing is done in Live and Pro Tools.

(alek) #44

Yeah, Renoise is my main DAW.

However, I often use Reaktor 5 as a plugin.

(nxpnsv) #45

I’ve considered using reaper as a complement to renoise, but I’m too lazy. If you can’t do it in renoise, then what’s the point.

(kejkz) #46

I’ve bought Renoise some days ago, after some deep consideration. It will be my DAW of choice on Mac OS, because I haven’t found anything that could compete with price and features that Renoise have. I am using trackers to create music some 15 years now, but have been using sequencers mostly in last 5 years, after using buzz tracker.
Keep up the good work, Renoise is very good software!
Cheers to everyone here.

(NER) #47

For sure. Many people who have been using traditional sequencers switch to trackers for the same reason, to “switch it up”.
I might try rewiring to logic just to see what I come up with.

(duder5k) #48

I’m so used to the tracker interface. It just seems more precise and accurate than trying to draw in a piano roll with a mouse. So yeah it’s my main DAW.

(mw24) #49

I’m a complete newbie, so yes, Renoise is my main daw. I don’t use anything else. I did try reaper but somehow it’s not for me. Get lost in all the menu’s somehow. I use Renoise for everything I do, loading in samples, cutting and edit them, and use them in a “song”. Just made 1 song so far, so still very new for me!

(Fabrice) #50

:walkman: Renoise is really the main software I use. I really like composing with it! Also, I use sometime Acid Pro for mixing sounds ans recordings, or long tracks. And GoldWave for recording.

(yourlocalloser) #51

Once you go tracker you never go backward.

Yes. But sometime I use Live for its live capabilities.

(oootini) #52

i think i’m going to have to switch over to reaper for a while. renoise just isn’t able to deal with external controllers/synths/midi properly (yet).

(Automageddon) #53

That is the reason why apart from Renoise I have a copy of Logic Express, more midi capabilities.
It’s something I didn’t feel the need for until I started using a multitimbral external synth regularly.

(oootini) #54

yeah same, i’ve been getting into synth diy stuff of late and having a monome, and various external midi stuff, renoise just doesn’t really cut it outside of the single midi keyboard +samples/vsts world… patiently waiting though :dribble:

(sheephead) #55

it’s my #1 live tool alongside with my external midi controllers. renoise gets the job done and it keeps getting better.

(2 Signal 2) #56

Yes it is my main DAW.

(Neuro... No Neuro) #57

It is! Renoise replaced Reason around mid-December of last year. Sure made making the style(s) of music I want to make much easier.

(gentleclockdivider) #58

It has been for the last 10/15 years >
Lately I’m totally into studio one pro , still hate the piano roll but damn,… the console emulation is great .
Lot’s of other great stuff too .

(LofiMat) #59

Same here! Was Renoise for some time then now it is more FruityLoops, but when TakTiks done with his Magic, then might be full Renoise again. The real SideChaining Thing is still bothering me.:roll_eyes: