Is Rewire Planned?

Im guessing a lot of people want it here. But is it actually down on the To do list? When will likely see it?

I work with a lot of audio so my main interest in Renoise is to use it as a slave for drumming. I really don;t like using piano rolls for drums and step sequencers lack the fine tuning.

there has been some discussion regarding rewire in the past.

of course there are lots of people wanting it, but licensing issues have arised while trying to put it all up and running.

we will surely reconsider this in the future, but I cannot be more precise as of now.

I have just discovered that Madtracker supports rewire.

How does Renoise compare to MT?

Rewire was somewhere last on the registered users wish list… so expect it to also be implemented… last! :stuck_out_tongue:

“How does Renoise compare to MT?”

Renoise, IMO, is a much better choise to track in then Madtracker. Gui-wise / feature wise + the fact that development has been practically dead for Madtracker and very actice for Renoise.

Madtracker is a nice tracker and I’ve used it in the past, hopefully the developer will share the code so more motivated people can hack new life into it. Renoise needs good competition!

Rewire would be tits

can you imagine dropping renoise into cubase? best of both worlds :3