Is There A 6db Cut On The Master Out?

hey, i’ve done a bunch of referencing, and it seems that the final output of renoise has a 6 db cut - is this true, maybe i’m missing an option somewhere. I’ve only been able to match output levels by cranking the pre and post master output levels, then i get the same level signal as on other computers. I ran the same beat on winamp even, it too hits my soundcard louder than renoise. any insights? tx - g

yep, -6 db. just add that later in any sample-editing tool.

to be honest, though it’s a fix, that really shouldn’t be there, why take information away to add it back later. seems silly, thx for the reply though - g

it makes alot of sense when you export single tracks to mix them in another application. if you would render them all at 0db they would instantly clip on the master of the other application. But I agree that this is kinda strange if you just want to render out an entire song.

I think it was planned to make this an option in Renoise 2.0, but I am not sure about this and couldn’t find an option like that.