Is There A Market For Sample/instrument Packs?

As the topic implies, do people buy these any more?

no, but you can upload them for free download :P

If the sample collection is high-quality then yes.

If you’re selling XRNI’s, you’ll quite possibly be the only person targeting a very niche market - i.e. you’ll be a monopoly :slight_smile: - the prospect of sales is quite good if your XRNI-set is very high quality.

Don’t forget to spell out the benefits of 100% sample-based Renoising, and to explain all the work that went into making the collection.

e.g. 100% multi-sampled melodic XRNI instruments, all perfectly tuned and looped, all files consistently named and well-categorised into folders, all instruments and samples named properly inside Renoise, all samples are dry, BONUS DSP-chains, envelopes used on tiny loops instead of just using huge samples of synths.

Also, there is much more value in acoustic instruments multi-sampled cleanly than in the sampling of synths.

Drumloops won’t sell so well since they work just fine coming out of a WAV, and free drumloop WAV’s are everywhere…

Hope this helps :smiley:

i would but i have spent a lot of time making these…

wav samples (dry and wet)
xrni renoise instrument (multilayer sounds include multiple xrni’s)
xrnt renoise dsp chain for each xrni
xrns for each multilayer setup including dsp chain

The sound design possibilities are huge when using these with renoise.

Thanks martyfmelb… you hit the nail on the head, i wanted to develop something that could be used exclusively with renoise as its sample powers are pretty good when you sit down and spend some time with it. I think using xrni (although the format is being updated) is a good way to let renoise users tweak a sound beyond what your average wave editor can do. The ability to tweak FX is also a big bonus, the amount of times i have gone through samples, found something i like but the FX applied were either to loud, not to my liking , etc… using dsp chains from other instruments, mixing sound layers… you can make pretty much anything you like.

I bought Maz no.1 instruments back in the day:

If you made something comparable, for Renoise, i’d be inclined to buy it.

I was playing with the idea of compiling a renoise instrument library of some sort, for registered users, by registered users. Not sure about any market, but if we could put something together with a bunch of dedicated members, I’m sure there’d be a lot of interest! But enough to actually sell it, dunno… that shouldn’t be the drive behind it, imho…

i like this idea.

This is not just a bunch of samples and xrni’s zipped in to a file. All sounds have been crafted from scratch, Each set contains over 250 sounds designed for a particular style of music. The file layout is easy to use. you can mix layers, fx etc to create completely new sounds. Each set contains a couple of demo song in mp3 and xrns format to show you what is possible. I want this to be a professional tool for people serious about music composition. If there is a market (reason for this post) i will make this in to a professional product.

upload your xrni here please:

Yeah put them up on loopproject. Better off spending time with making money via share investments. :o

Cool! I’ll start uploading soon, gotta make some pics from ze collection.
I have quite a few homebrewn xrnis which were made from scratch
using various vst’s, not to mention TOO many chopped up breakbeats ;)


Zooty, I’m interested

me too! I was thinking that the community could build quite a badass xrni pack that ships with a copy of renoise! It’d make the software as a whole a bit larger in size, but the added samples would definitely be worth it!

I would wait for XRNI to support multilayering before even trying to sell any “professionally crafted” sound library in XRNI format

i think alien is right, waiting for multilayer support only because it will be easier for noobs to use. at the moment multilayering is done using multiple tracks and/or multiple colums which gets really messy. still the collection is here and wont take long to convert once the new format is out. i wish a beta was available