Is there a shortcut/midi/LUA script to access plugins effects and instruments?

I’m currently building my perfect shortcut keyboard using a QMK programmable KB and the only thing I can’t find a shortcut for are the plugins windows. I’d like to be able to focus them and use the arrow/search to get the proper plugin.

AFAIK there is no shortcut… apparently no midi mapping… LUA script maybe ?

Thanks for the ideas :wink:

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It is possible to create a specific LUA tool to load VSTs onto instruments or tracks. Therefore, it is possible to associate keyboard commands as well.

I’ve always wanted to build a window tool with thumbnail image captures of each plugin, which would show a couple of features, like if it’s favorite, if it’s bridged (if it’s 32bit), the name of the plugin … a thumbnail image, it would be very easy to locate.

All of this is possible. Something similar would be the FLStudio “Plugin Picker”, but in Renoise it would be more static. The problem here is that it would be necessary for users to send screenshots of their plugins to have a common folder within the tool. This is a huge job. Maybe that’s why I haven’t taken the step. It is necessary to associate an image with a specific path that routes to the exact name of the plugin.

On the other hand, you could build keyboard shortcuts with LUA to load plugins (among other things). Maybe some programmer will cheer up. However, it would not be very useful. The simplest thing is to select it with the mouse and that’s it.

Wanting to handle everything with keyboard shortcuts is a bit obsessive.

I got to dig that but for some reasons I never was able to wrap my head around LUA scripting for some reasons.