Is there a way to add a pattern to the beginning of a song

For how long I’ve been using Renoise this seems like a dumb question. Anyways, I’ve been working off of a template with a “dummy” 1 line pattern 0. The reason I do this is in case I need to insert a pattern at the beginning. The problem is, this throws synced plugins off, like Glitch, any gater plugin, any plugin with some kind of bpm sync. The only other option I see is to insert into 1 and highlight and drag the blocks from 0 to 1, which will knock out any pattern clones.

Is there a “insert pattern before” option that I’m just being dumb and overlooking? Or should I just start using 1 measure dummy patterns?

No not really, but you can drag the sequence in front (above) of the first sequence. (Take care you have the “Keep pattern sequence sorted” disabled in the sequencer context menu if you don’t want pattern numbers to auto reorganize)
You need to hold the mousebutton a bit longer before you can start dragging the sequence clip though, else it will only just mark from the current cursorposition and up.

You could add a pattern with a full measure (or more) and then add a break pattern command (ZBxx) ?
I believe the tempo syncing would not be thrown off then…

Good idea, but when I tried it, it works but it also skips the first line of the pattern. Like if you listen with a metronome, it keeps it perfectly in sync but in order to do that it uses the first line of pattern 0 as its first line. I mean, I can just start playing from pattern 1 anyways so not a huge deal.

edit: and then of course cut out the silence in audacity.