Is There A Way To Convert Songs From 2.7 To Be Played On An Older Vers

I have some songs on 2.7 but I want to play them on my netbook which can barely run 2.7 songs.

but it can run songs from older versions of renoise. How do I make it so I can play the songs I’ve made on 2.7 to be able to be played on older versions? specifically 2.0.0

ridiculous amounts of manual tweaking, copying pasting notes between different renoise version instances? Changing effects where you hit the wall of compatibility.

is there a tool or will I have to do it all manually

no tool yet, maybe you can make a request for it, though I doubt there will be much interest…you can always try :slight_smile:

maybe you can save cpu using other methods? Freezing tracks? Maybe add more ram or simply get a laptop!

thanks :) I’ll go request one. I have tried getting some more ram (I had 1gb now I have 2gb)but that didn’t improve it that much. I thought it did at first but it didn’t. I’ve looked in to buying a laptop and I’ll start looking further around christmas so then I can put some of my money towards it and my parents, and maybe try selling my netbook.