Is there a way to disable phrase selection via MIDI program change commands?

On my recent projects I’ve been making use of an old MIDI module that relies on program change commands to initialize and switch patches on MIDI channels. I do this via the M2 pattern command. For certain channels (which I’ve assigned to individual instruments), I like to create phrases when I need to do something that’s not feasible in the regular pattern mode, and switch to keymap mode and assign the phrases to notes that I know I won’t use for melodic purposes.

Now the problem. Since I use the M2 command at the start to initialize patches on every channel, this also causes the corresponding instruments that contain phrase data to switch to using that phrase (or the closest one to it) in program mode, which makes it affect every note. This is undesirable behavior, so does anyone know how to disable it?

In the case that it’s not possible, does anyone know an efficient workaround? Currently I’ve thought of two, but I can’t use them for one reason or another:

  1. Place Z7F commands on every note I don’t want a phrase to activate on (way too time consuming)

  2. Insert a series of system exclusive messages in the beginning of the song to disable program change message receiving on all necessary channels on the module, then place M2 7F commands after that (hypothetical, as Renoise doesn’t natively support sysex insertions and I don’t yet have a method of doing this in real time)