Is there a way to mute a track?

Hey all… just a quick question.
I want to mute a single track while all the other tracks continue playing.
Not just cut note or something like that… I want to immediately stop all sounds that may be in there. Even the effects (like a heavy reverb) should stop right there.

Thanks for helping me.

wait for version 1.27: it will have the option to kill, mute, slap, kick, bomb, crack, blast or force each single track to suicide :) :rolleyes:

(disclaimer: this post contains explicity idiocy)

Simply click with the left mousebutton on a scopeview to mute the track or doubleclick the track in the patterneditor to mute it. Clicks with the right button will solo the tracks …

@taktik: loot at the second line of the thread title: it says “not by clicking on the scopes”.

Actually I don’t know why he doesn’t want to do so, there should be some kind of challenge with it… who knows… :)

I´d say he means a possibility like given in the old axs where you can specify the muting of a track within the pattern list…

huh, I see…

to drop down the volume of a track to 0:

to stop all notes and effects

to set the master volume to 0:

to turn off the nth effect into a DSP chain:
(to turn it on: nF01)

I hope we’ve done this time :)