Is There An Action List?

In Renoise. Is there a way to bring up a list of things that have been done?

My best example is in Photoshop. You can see a history of everything you’ve done durring a session. In photoshop it is nice because you can go in the middle and remove (undo) a couple of things. It probably wouldn’t work out this way with audio, but that’s not what I’m looking to do. I just want to see a history of everything I’ve done to a track.

no, there is not. hopefully some day there will be, but this would be one of the first times i’ve seen this asked for / requested after

Desired by many, currently only the last action is described in the “Edit -> Undo [action description here]” menu option.
But since all descriptions are already being stored somewhere, the road for an undo-manager is practically paved anyway.
I do think that if this would be enabled, it would cause slowdowns if you would e.g. desire to undo an action 25 actions ago that included massive sample editor changes because all those actions have to be undone in order to get back to that state.
A solution for that would be an area-depending undo database, this however would only allow a few areas to be disconnected, like instrument-area (instrument properties, sample editor actions and everything connected) and song area (matrix, sequencer, pattern editor, automation and dsp area changes).
E.g. you can’t undo actions to patterns that got erased in the pattern sequencer hence these two areas aren’t disconnectable.

Yeah. I figure it would be pretty impossible in audio editing to remove 1 thing from the middle.

The reason I would want a list of things that have been done is that I look back on music I’ve created in the past and thought “How the eff did I make THAT sound?” I started writing my steps on a notepad, but the more I try to document the harder it is for me to stay in the flow of things.

If you look closely to how Photoshop is doing that, it won’t allow you to change one thing in the middle either, you either revert to that point completely or don’t revert at all.

For that an undo manager won’t be much of use, all the data collected will be removed as soon as renoise is closed.

Did I say undo manager? Sorry. I meant action list.