Is There An Equivalent To It's Ixx Command (tremor) In Renoise?

Hi Renoisers,

I’ve recently purchased myself a copy of renoise, and i’m completely blown away by this amazing program. much props to the dev.

my question is,
Is there a command like Impulse Trackers tremor command (Ixx) in renoise.

(This effect will turn on and off the current channel every frame: T[ontime][offtime].
x=ontime, y=offtime: the volume will stay unchanged for x frames, and then muted for y frames.)

I found this effect indispensable. Is this in renoise now and i’m just missing it, and if not, is there any possibility of adding this feature in the future.


The only thing that comes close is 04xy, (Volume slicer → x = factor (0=0.0, f=1.0), slice at tick y. however this is a sample instrument related feature, a lot of VSTIs ignore this command).

Have you tried setting up an automation preset for this? It might replace your wish as well and may come in handy several times without you needing to copy the whole thing over and over again.

I thought maybe the volume slicer was what I was looking for. I will play around with that and see if I can get it to do what I want to do. The only thing about setting up an automation is I don’t think I would be able to achieve some of the wild speeds Ixx could give me (ie I11) which would stutter the note incredibly fast. I don’t think the automations ‘resolution’ is deep enough to draw that kind of volume changes. Thanks for the suggestions, I will try them out.

This relates to the lost FT2 commands, oh to have them back:


There were probably more.

heh… let’s count us here