Is There An Option That Will Hide Instrument,volume,pan, And Effect Co

Sorry but I can’t seem to find how to do this. Any help appreciated.

Volume and Panning column can be hidden by using the shortcut keys ctrl+shift+p and ctrl+shift+v. (see also
The instrument column cannot be hidden, you can hide the effect columns by clicking on the left-arrow (of the left/right arrow combination) that shows on top of the column.
You can also do this with the note-columns, but your complete notecolumn including instrument pan and vol columns are then hidden and they also will not be audible.

Oh, great, that’s what I was looking for.
So, except for the Note column, the volume and effect columns are just hidden, not deleted?

Just enter a few noticable volume changes and hide the column, then play your pattern and listen if it does… :)

there is a difference between note/command column behaviour and volume/panning column behaviour:

when hiding volume/panning column, this is only a visual change: the values written in these columns are still read by Renoise; when hiding note/command columns, their values are ignored.

However, even in the latter case, you can still make them visible again, and all the hidden values will come back, and they will affect the song again

In 1.8, the effects are still applied even if the effect columns are hidden (at least for the first effect-column it is so).
Only the note columns don’t sound.
If effects shouldn’t be applied when hidden, then this is a bug.

I cannot reproduce what you say:

C-4 0110

when 0110 is hidden, it is ignored, both in 1.5 and 1.8b6

Ewps sorry, my mistake… i tested a retrig command in the effect column but i happen to have the same retrig command also in a panning column (which was hidden :P) on the same row that still applied. (I should not use pitfall example commands <_< )

Sounds like it’s as it should be to me. If vol/pan/effect column(s) are hidden, they have no affect but the values are still retained. If they are visible then the song is affected. :ph34r:

Thanks guys for your help. Ya, hiding unused columns makes it much easier on the eyes. I have tried this and works perfect.

no, we would need two different “hide” and “delete” actions.

otherwise, if hiding would not ignore the effects, how would you delete a column? you should manually delete their contents in all the patterns and then hide them…