Is There An Option To Have Old Dsp + Vsti Style Lists ?

Great new version, but have i missed the option to revert the DSP effects and VSTi lists back to original format?
I have pretty long lists and im finding it hard to get used to the way it groups them according to software company …
great work adding the autobackup for ‘Untitled’ tracks !! ;)

Yes, I’m with you, i’m all about Short Names.

Right click in the DSP panel -> checkmark Show Short Names

You can also rename plugs, too.

Right click!

(not behind a renoise computer right now)

can you also create your own ‘new’ folders in the list? I know you can rename existing folders and move dsp stuff around.

The search feature is actually for that.
I gotta get used to that too, but there is always a way to sort plugins differently and this is how you can do it (watch carefully):

You could ofcourse add the effect type in front of the manufacturer and the list will be resorted automatically.

Ofcourse, drag and drop would have been nice here as well, but that is currently not implemented unfortunately.

Just tried what vvools posted, the answer is yes.

Rename: Stuff: With: Colons: