Is there any chance to open multiple modules simultaneously?

So, that’s the question. I’ve seen it in OpenMPT tracker. Very convenient.

You have to open an entire new instance of Renoise to do it. Kind of a bummer. I wish they would reconsider tabs. Reaper has tabs, bitwig has tabs, and openMPT has tabs too, it’d be really cool if Renoise did.

+1. It’s a must. Especially for remix job.

+1. It’s a must. Especially for remix job.

Not sure why it is a must in that case, i have done that perfectly using a WAV or Mp3 rendering of the reference track.

If you really want to mix down multiple songs in pairs, use DJ software for that or use a tool for such purpose (Live Dive, Cells, …).

Ok, i’ll touch the topic from another side. The tracker of previous generation can do this, but Renoise can’t.

touching renoise’s booty… nice.