Is There Any Way To Tell When Renoise Is Not The Foregrounded Applicat

It would really, really help me a lot if, when I had my other rewired app (Live) open, midi notes I played were not recorded into Renoise.

I always forget to turn the record button off in Renoise, and when I return to Renoise after writing some midi notes in in Live, I have to undo a ton of stuff I did by accident.

It won’t resolve the generic problem that record mode is either wanted or not wanted.
If an option would be in there, you would have to deal with situations in which you do want to record but can’t because the checkbox has to be unchecked but you found out afterwards a record session.
Really, the only solution is just to be more carefull. Make it the default to disable record mode before you go back to the master ReWire application, that’s all the kudos i can supply on my account.