Is There Anything Like Rpg For 2.8?

hey guys. title says it all. thanks!

No, it doesn’t. It almost does, but the only meaning of RPG I know of is “role playing game”, which I seriously doubt is in Renoise. :blink:

come to Renoise IRC channel on esper for Renoise RPG

I think that he means “Renoise Phrase Generator”. ;)
It is one of the epoch-making tool before the xrnx-script era comes.

I’ve tried it a bit again in Renoise 2.8. It seems that there is almost no problem except that the instrument numbers will be wrong.

i knew what the title ment! yeah I wondered the same thing after trying RPG with 2.8. it would be nice if someone makes a tool that does the same thing. back in the day I had struck sweet serendipitous gold with RPG. a few times. would be nice to play with it again when boredom strikes hard.

yeh it sure would be handy to have one for 2.8. until then i’ll have to keep 2.7 installed just for that. thanks guys!

As a the FPS-gamer I am, also “rocket propelled grenade”.

I only thought of Reasons RPG8 at first

Also, even though I have not the faintiest idea how the RPG would or should work looking at the screenshot, I fear there’s going to be a cool type of tool for 2.8 pretty soon.

Would LOVE to see a tool version of this for 2.8!