Is There Way To Apply Time-scretching To Selection?

  1. Is there way to apply time screching to a block of selected notes?
  2. Is there way to apply uniform delay to selected notes (T - 1/N:th line)?

When recording from MIDI keyboard you may be easily a bit late and/or
you may have another recorded pattern that was recorded with
different BPM etc settings.

I think adding these features (if they don’t exist) would increase
usability of Renoise hugely. B)

(registered user of Renoise)

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hope i’ve understand your questions correct.
in the advanced edit menu:

there you will find some tools to do this job [1&2].
see also:

but “timestretching” as you mean it reminds me more of quantization.
look for the quantize button in the A/E menu.

happy rns’ing

THIS VIDEO explains how to somewhat do the job, but depending on the amount of stretching you are doing, things could get grainy pretty fast. if that’s not what you’re looking for (which sometimes is very cool) then you are best of using an external tool to timestretch.

Thanks. That’s indeed very cool and works if I first convert track to wav.
But I still would like to do similar thing to MIDI data (with no pitch changes)
by using delay values.


Thanks for pointing out the usefulness of A/E menu.
There is the nudge operator in A/E menu that I can use to set delay of
the first recorded note (on line 00) to zero.

After going through all the options there doesn’t seem to
be easy way to change length of selection from N rows to
M rows by using delays (and by moving notes).

For example I have recorded an track using BPM 130 from keyboard and
it only takes 60 rows. Now, I would like to increase length of each
row so that the lenght of the selection is 64 rows (and increase BPM to 130*64/60).
In practice this means that every row’s (and note’s) length should increase
from 0x100 to aprox. 0x111. I can do this by first rendering track to wav
and by using 9xx (as suggested by another post) but then I cannot edit
notes anymore.

The expand/shrink does this but only by changing each row’s
length from 0x100 to 0x200 (or from 0x100 to 0x80). There
are of course problems when there should be multiple notes
on same row so the feature should maybe add extra note columns
to handle those cases (if chord mode is enabled).

IMO, this shouldn’t be very difficult to implement and
should definitely belong to the A/E menu. Shrink/Expand
could be changed to have parameter “to X*0x100 microrows”.

rpulse / ss