is this possible w/ registered renoise?

there are some asio-routing knobs in renoise…
i wonder if it is possible to route line-in signal through the dsp-fx of renoise?
cause i have a little hw synth, it’s not that bad, but the onboard fx is real crap.

well, that depends of the capabilities of your soundcard, I´d say. Normally, you are able route these fx to an audio track only - not to a midi track, so it´s probably better to make a sequence using renoise and use an audio editor (e.g. goldwave, cool edit etc.) for recording it and afterwards simply load the sequence as a wavefile back into renoise and use its audio fx.

yea, thats how i do it now, but adding some fx to mangle the sound while playing would simply be fun… :)
anyways, maybe i’m just looking for motivation to use my synth more, instead of all those soft ones :unsure: