Isn't Possible To Take Screenshots?

I want to use to parts in my new site, but simply don’t works in my 2 computers… :(

this is locked? or have a key to do that like Quake? heheh ;)

please let me know,


  1. Renoise should NOT be in fullscreen mode
  2. Make sure Renoise has NOT the window focus (e.g. klick on the taskbar)
  3. press PRINT (take the screenshot)

Or press ALT+PRINT in windowed mode just to capture the active window.

no, this does not work, because the ALT ket is hooked by ReNoise.

The method described by Alex is the one I use

It’s certainly been a long time, since I had a running PC :) Nevermind.

There was a time when it worked in the early alpha’s but suddenly this screenshot copy stopped working when Renoise had keyboardfocus.

thanks! works with this way! :D