It all comes down to this

It all comes down to this — This is my 20th album. It’s about the things that people usually make songs about. It’s about love, life, growing up, getting on, making mistakes and living with them. It’s about losing everything in order to find anything. They are stories often told through the lens of war as a metaphor. Songs with messages about rising above the tough times. How it’s time to apologize and stop the fighting. Find strength where there is none. Be thankful for what we have. Never let go of what you believe in. It all comes down to this also has a dual meaning for me, personally. It’s symbolic of my creative journey and my life’s work that has culminated to this moment.

It’s different than anything I’ve done up to this point. The songs all contain vocals, for one. They’re far brighter and more structured than much of the soundtrack-driven orchestral works that I’ve been producing as of late. It’s a break from all that. It’s mostly bright and upbeat.

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A few tracks:

  1. If you’ll stay

  1. It all comes down to this

  1. It goes on

very good