It'S 420!

for celebration ov this day, roll a giant, melt in sofa, relaxx and enjoy


world is wonderful place, peace! //r0b

I think this will be enough for those in the forums interested -

someone has too much spare time :)

but actually pretty cool :)

haha, that movie was great. my favorite was at 5:45. :lol:

i got high…


it was scary too. i was bumming around after a rave and just driving around, decided to go to waffle house and i saw a childhood friend that i hadn’t seen in a long time. this is a guy who, when we were 10 years old, we would just look at each other, and start cracking up laughing… we couldn’t stop. like all the time. never did figure out why. anyway, this friend was purchasing marijuana at the waffle house and invited me to come back to his friend’s house. so we went there and started smoking. at first i didn’t feel anything but then it kicked in and the trees in his backyard started looking like they had little wavy lines going through them … then we walked inside, and me and my friend looked at each other, and we just started BUSTING UP laughing uncontrollably for like 20 minutes. it was some craziness.

then we were sitting in the living room and the friend who owned the house came downstairs. pretty big guy. he said “what did you do with the cig”, and i said “i fed it to the dog” …

big mistake, soon he was asking my friend “who is this man you have brought into my house”. soon he came downstairs and told me i had to leave, now.

by this time it was already about 8 in the morning and i had just been rave dancing the night before, i was tired as f**** …

but i still had to drive my car to get out of there…
i was scared.
i kept almost falling asleep while i was driving.

finally i got to a movie theatre parking lot where i just sat in the parking lot listening to the radio for a few hours while it wore off some (the tape player didn’t work in that car) …
it’s the only time i have ever thought christina aguilera’s music sounded good. i found all these subtle nuances about “genie in a bottle”!!! I WAS AMAZED!!

moral of the story: marijuana doesn’t make you a good driver, and it makes you like shitty music.

i can only imagine what was happening when you looked at eachother, both stoned :lol:

and yeah, with weed you can look at things in differnt way and think more out of the box as far as creativity is concerned but still i dont smoke it cause it makes you more layzy and feel like just sitting and doing nothing in a long term

Hitler’s birthday?

f****in hippies.

Every second saturday of the month it was legal to smoke weed on the denver capitol lawn (cops would just chill and wait for the four hours to be over and arrest stragglers who were still in possesion of drugs)- it would just be a shit load of hippies with deep rock water bottles turned into hookas and oversized joints much like the one pictured above- the mayor would throw out sacks of chronic to the crowd- well that came to an end after about six months (2 or 3 years ago)- mayor got tossed in jail and is still in there I think. Ever since that, every 4-20 an assload of people smoke weed on the lawn to protest the fact that the mayor is in jail despite the ban- well yesterday, they did it again, except there was suposed to be a field trip for a bunch of elementary school chldren- so the two collided along with the police- it was a mess of children, teachers, pot heads and cops and water hoses that were used to control the group- pigs gave the hippies a well needed bath- it was a funny sight to see when driving on my way to school today- copped a good laugh. :lol:

was that a revisit of the Sacred Herb Church?

The one at 8:08 was short, but really nice. My fave. ^_^

I’m an every-day pot smoker, enjoying renoise + weed as much as possible. Soon I will quit though… Swedish people hooked me up to something called snus, I will keep doing that for a while, but eventually its better to stop using drugs at all… .

drugs are bad

bless :)

Aah… currently enjoying my 420 at 1846,


Weed! It’s all good fun, until it becomes a habit. I made it a habit, it’s easy to do so when the shop is around the corner… Damn you Holland, damn you! Now I quit, until the demon is off my back. :)

This is all I have to say:

Hells yeah for 420. It’s a really fun holiday.

If you don’t smoke pot, please don’t hate on people who do. It’s annoying, rude, and pointless.

Also if your not a hippie, don’t hate on hippies. They’re cool. Most of them are really nice people. Actually, they are often some of the nicest people. Oh by the way, they do shower and bath, they just don’t like un-natural synthetic hygiene products.

Not all pot smokers are stupid, slow, or lazy. I agree some definately are, but they are the types of people who let smoking become there life and most likely were already stupid, slow, or lazy before they started smoking pot. Everything you ever do should be done in moderation whether a substance, hobby, job, etc.

I myself smoke pot and I’m not lazy or stupid or slow at all. Not only do I produce music but I also work a full time job and go to school.

Making music in Renoise when you’re high is both really fun and refreshing because you’ll most likely do something you might not normally do and find yourself with some really cool/interesting results.

If you do smoke have a great 420! I know I will.

Purple Haze… wooohhhh

How do you work a full-time job AND go to school? :panic:

Marihuana is the only drug that makes me psychotic /paranaoid /scared /…For those who can handle it …good for you …I can’t .
I used to smoke a lot in my teen years but then suddenly at the age of 17 it just happened and I couldn’t stand it anymore …resulting in heavy paranoia ,anxiety etc…guess I am to sensitive for that shit .
Nowadays the THC values of marihuana are insanely high , remember that a lot of smoking can cause schizophrenia and/or psychosis …believe it or not , I’ve seen it happening to healthy , stable people .
IMHO marihuana is a hard drug ., now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna get some BEER :rolleyes: