It's Alt=x

If it’s in Renoise, I certainly havn’t found it. I forgot what the command was called, but I’ll never forget what it did.
In Impulse Tracker , after setting a value in the effect column, one could highlight a block starting with that value and hit ALT+X. The tracker would then fill in every tick in that block with a new vaue that evenly smoothed that value down to zero by the end of the selection.
It was great for fades and vibratos ; but if Renoise had this, it would smoke! You can already control your effect dymanically in the column, but what if you didn’t have to work so hard to get it?

It’d be neat is it went backwards to; auto increase value xx to FF, something that IT couldn’t do so fast.

While I’m on it: I think it was ALT+G and ALT+F that took a block selection and doubled or halved its spacing; I hadn’t noticed that in Renoise, and I only thought of it when I could have used it.

You mean.

Block Interpolate Linear= Left CTRL + I
Block Interpolate Logarithmic= Left CTRL + L

RTM :)

But the other suggestion it can not do…yet…

You’ll also find what splajn suggested in the advanced edit tab. There’s also buttons for shrinking and expanding, if this is what you mean…

NEat. I hoped it’d be in there, I just didn’t know what to call it. Great.
Thanks guys